New muscle Classic body.

First Off, I am sorry to the purists out there.
I have a '64 Buick Special 2dr. sedan that was bought with rotted: Floors, trunk,quarters,fenders...and a near missing drivers torque box. As soon as I got it I found myself a used 5.3L Vortec with all the wiring and such from a 2000 Chevy silverado. As of now the motor was fabricated in, started and now the body is ready to be pulled So i can weld the frame back up. I just had to have the fuel injected glory of a LSX engine in the style of Buick glory.


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As far as I'm concerned you have the right to do what you want with your car. Is this going to be a daily driver or what? Just wondering because I see you live in Illinois also, and we rarely see anyone use any classic as a everyday ride. :thumbsup:
I'll be using it as a daily driver, just so sick of seeing "blobs" driving down the road can't tell a mitsu from a chevy anymore so figured I'd keep with the classics but needed something that got better mileage than my current 7mpg buick. I hear ya though, not many people drive classics everyday in illinois. Must say though in my neighborhood alone there are a '70 camaro hardtop and a '68 gtx that drive everyday even in the snow lol.


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those cant be too fun to drive in the snow though.....
About ten years ago my daily driver/winter beater decided to $#!t the bed on me, so for one winter season I was stuck driving a 600 horsepower Pontiac Catalina, lol. I remember a few times sitting at stop lights, just trying to get the thing to hook up at idle in the snow, lmao. One time it took me so long, the light turned red before I could get through the intersection; laughing just thinking about it. Initially, all I had was open headers, and after I got pulled over and fined, I decided to put a full exhaust on it for the winter season. And I never had to worry about a heater, there was enough heat coming from the firewall to keep the car warm, hehe.

It was fun, but I probably wouldn't attempt it again.
Sounds Familiar

Sounds like Jan. There was one weekend of 60 degree temps so I threw on my slicks (295 50 R15)'s. Sunday came and I was too lazy to change 'em back so while trying to drive it to school in the snow on Monday was a joke, must have swapped ends half a dozen times before realizing that looking at the pedal made the car go sideways.