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Thank you for the opportunity and fellowship of all the fellow 'travelers', I'm not sure how many members you have from 'oversea's' but we run a Custom and Classic car shop in South Africa.
Check us out on Facebook.
Whilst we are not short of enthusiasm we certainly could benefit from the access you guys have to spares and parts, new and used.

We 'only' or mostly do the American cars with a preference for GM, with a fondness for the the 'big Body' cars and in particular the Wagons.
That said we have done at least one or two of most other marques including Ford Thunderbirds, a couple F100 48 Pick-ups, currently doing three little Mustangs (65,66 & 67) done Studebaker, Cadillac, a lot of Chevy's mostly Pick-ups and then my personal favorites the Pontiac's (done a lot, all sorts) then of course the beloved Buick's.

My personal car (for a time) was a beautiful 64 Riviera, we also did a 63 and then a 48 Sedanetta and are just finishing a 1970 four door Pillerless Le-Sabre. (Is this a good time to ask where can I get a Airfilter decal for this car? The semi circular one that says (Buick Emblem) 350-4. I tried to load a picture, says 'file is too large')

Anyhow keep up the good work and check us out if you like.
Cheers for now.

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Welcome to the forum! you must get a lot of looks cruising around in a big classic American car over there! I've shipped some 1951 and 1956 Buick parts to South Africa.