New french member and first american car !


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Hello everyone, I'm French and I'm going to write in English, so please bear with me!

I've just bought a 1963 Skylark coupe with a V8 3.5L engine. For the most part, the car hasn't been restored, except for the ignition and the brakes.
Everything is original.
It drives well.
The converter has an oil leak.

I have to find lots of parts, so I'm hoping to find a good shop with reasonable prices that can ship to France.


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Hello, Your English is great, probably better than mine.
CARS in New Jersey ( ships internationally.
You have a beautiful car.

Good luck,


68 wildcat

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Tres Belle as they say in Quebec. I would bet that car is very rare with power seats and power windows! I have never seen a Skylark that year with power seats.
Nice color combination. The added reflectors on the rear look out of place. Are they mandatory in France for some reason?

Enjoy your car, Gary in Montreal


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Thank !
I've just take contact with oldbuickparts.

I have send that :
I want to pay the Customs Charges before seeling because if i pay at reception, it's 2 times more expensive! How much will it cost with the custom charges in add for my actually cart contents?

And they answer :
I'm sorry, but we do not know anything about other countries customs or duties, nor do we collect any for them.

Customs charges are a real problem for me in french. Each time I bought something in America, I must pay the double when it arrive at home!

Some company use FedEx international economic with the possibility to pay the customs charges before sending. It's really cheaper like this but lot of shop can't know that. I don't know how to do. I need so many parts for start the restoration.

Oldbuickparts have parts that I have no found in an other shop like front shocks. I will try to call this shop but I'm no sure that I can understand. My English is so bad!


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Hi 68 wildcat,
This car was sold in 63 by GM France! Speed meter is in Kilometers! No in milles.
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Elle est belle ta 63 Skylark. Pour tes pièces tu pourrait peut être essayer OPGI. Il sont en Californie. Les pièces qu'ils ont sont fais pour les annèes qu'ils ont dans leur entrepot. Je suis certains si tu leur écris il vont être capable de t'aider a démailer ton problème de frais d'exportation. Bonne chance.

Nice 63 skylark. As for ordering parts. Did you try OPGI. They are based in California. They have parts for your car. They are pretty good at figuring things out. They might be able to help you with your export taxe and duty. Good luck.

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Thanks firsttimebuick,
I just ordered all the body joints from OPGI (door, window, windshield,...) I don’t know when I’m going to receive all this parts because commercial flights are stop with CODIV...
Customs taxes + shipping post = price of all the parts ! It's crazy !!!
What is your car?