Lowering a 1973 LaSabre


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I want to lower my 73 LaSabre around 3 inches. I need help identifying body/chassis when ordering parts, as nobody markets aftermarket modification parts for a 73 LaSabre. Does anyone have experience doing this? Does anyone have a preference of parts mfr, or one to avoid? Thanks ahead of time and btw, bagging is not an option.
LeSabre ( check your spelling, it will make web searches more effective ) is a GM B-Body or Full Size car. that particular generation ran from 1971-76, and most suspension parts from other GM Full Size cars ( except Toronado and El Dorado, because FWD ) will work with yours.

Pontiac Bonneville, Olds 88 and Chevy Impala / Caprice would be common source parts.