Looking for mentor around Olympia WA.


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Looking for someone willing to help and give advice with the rebuilding of a 425 nailhead...never done one before and want to make sure I do all the things correctly. Having the block and heads machined ...I want to learn to assemble. I live in Hoodsport Wa. About 45 min. From Olympia Wa.
Note: have a 1957 Century, putting a 66’ 425 and 66’ SP 400 in her. Chassis has been sandblasted and powder coated, disc brakes up front, drum in rear, 61 differential in stock 57 rear, trailing arms installed, 3” lower springs with blister shocks.
You can contact me @
Looks good! I think the '57 is one of the most beautiful cars ever built.
Of course on option is to ask your build questions in the appropriate forums, or you might like to start a "Journal" which means a bit of posting, but it is always nice to have the record of the build when you are finished. You can post your problems and solves for future builders.

There is a '66 chassis manual on the site: https://www.teambuick.com/reference/library/66_chassis/index.php

If you don't already know of them, there is a Buick Club based out of Olympia, you might find someone there. Here are their next few gatherings: