help please


I am trying to install a 1994 350 with a thm200 transmission but I have issues that the bolts don't line up. can I get some feed back, I really appreciate the help
a - which bolts are you talking about?

b - you are aware that Buick 350ci production ended circa 1982, yes? if you have a 92 engine, that's basically a small block Chevy, which is a completely different animal. pretty much everything on a SBC is different than a SBB.

you'll probably need frame pads for a like year Chevelle and you may need to drill holes in the cross member for them.

Chevy and Buick both mount the starter passenger side, so your wiring for that will be all right. but pretty much everything else in the engine compartment will probably have to be kludged around.

this is why we recommend swapping Buicks into Buicks. it's not just because we're provincial douchebags looking down our noses at you. it's that you'll usually have a lot fewer issues if you stay within the v6 / SBB / BBB families.

yes, swapping a Nailhead in would also be a big hassle.

you never told us what year or model car you're trying to install the engine into?
What type of car did the engine come out of ? If it was from a 1994 Buick, it could very well be a Chevrolet LT1 engine which has other differences also.

We really need to know what car the engine came out of and what car you are trying to put it into.
sorry about the info

I am trying to install a 94 chevy 350 block into my 84 buick regal but trying to use a th200 transmission
Youre going to need another transmission or an adapter kit. The TH-200 is a BOP bellhousing (Buick Olds Pontiac Cadillac) Chevy has its own bell housing. Also the 200 is kind of wimpy so youd probably blow it up with the power of the 94 350. Id recommend a 700r4 or a TH350. I think the TH350 fits where a TH200 did but the 700r4 uses a different cross member. But they are available from Summit for about $200 I put one in my 86 cutlass it very strong and it gives you a path for dual exhausts. Youll also need motor mounts from an 84 Monte Carlo. Also the wiring in the engine compartment will have to be trimmed in some places and extended in others because some of the sensors, alternator, and distributor will be in different spots. Not the end of the world but I just wanted to give you a heads up.