Help me identify this (supposedly) 350 please.


I just picked this engine up on FaceBook, and can't seem to identify the year. I looked at the obvious placed, but nothing is there. I do see three numbers between the two sparkplugs, looks like 110 or 116. Images are attached as well as on the imgur link. One image the passenger side exhaust manifold. I am at a loss



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Distributor at the front of the engine, tilted to the drivers side <-- Yes
6 bolt valve covers <-- Yes
350 - 3.800” x 3.850”, 1977-81, GM Corporate Blue <-- Valve covers are Blue

That narrows it down, any way to get a little more specific? Or are the 77-81 identical?
I assume you have seen this description of the locations, pictures FOUND HERE:
The engine serial number is stamped on the front of the left cylinder bank. The production code number is between the left exhaust manifold and the two front spark plugs.
I did see that. Thats why I provided pictures.
picture 1 is the driver's side front bank.
Picture 2 is the passenger side. ( i probably need to try and clean it again)
picture 3 is between the two spark plugs. That should be the production code, but I have not been able to find a reference to 110 or 116

I do however appreciate the assistance.