Headliner trim

Ruud W


I'm from The Netherlands and restoring a 65 Buick Special.

i'm looking for a headliner trim kit front and rear windshield.
i did find these on legendary auto interieurs, but i'm not sure if they fit my 65 Buick Special 4 Door.
Even the Sales manager couldn't tell me if they will fit, because these are for a 2 door hardtop.
can anybody help me.

upper windshield trim Interior upper windshield trim strip mounts at the top of the windshield and helps hold the headliner in place. Available in black only, paint as required. 1964-67 Skylark & Gran Sport WT64GA.......

rear window trim Interior rear window trim made of molded plastic features all the correct contours as the originals. This trim snaps into place around the rear window holding the headliner and sail panel boards in place along with providing a finished look. Available in black only, paint as required. 1965 Skylark & Gran Sport (Hardtop) RT65GK03 (Complete 3 pc. set)....
Ruud W,

I would say the Skylark & GS would be the same.

IF you don't get an answer/info here try at V8buick.com or 65GS.com either one of these know will know for SURE.

Tom T.

Ruud W

I Contacted the 65GS team, and Loren was very helpful. The same day he found the right headliner trim kit for me.
Thanks for the help.