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I own two 1960 Buick Electras. A 4 door flat top and a two door hard top.

Question.....I would like to know if the frames of the four door and the two door Electra are interchangeable. I know the wheel base is the same but I'm not sure if everything else is the same.
My plan is to restore the frame and suspension from the four door while the two door body and frame are at the body shop. Then transfer the two door body to the finished chassis.

Thanks in advance
My Hollander shows the differences lie between Electra and 225. If both are Electra you may have a match.
[HR][/HR]The Buick Master Chassis Parts Book confirms that the frame part number is the same on all 4700 series Electras. Different frame numbers are used on the series 4800 Electra 225 cars.