Forged Steel Camshaft!

What was the only V-8 engine to offer a forged steel camshaft thereby solving the common problem of cam lobe failure?

Nodular iron is another name for cast iron which you may know is the favorite material of detroit.
Didn't you read the "Blown Nailhead" article?

nope. in fact, i need to thank you for pointing that out to me. i hadn't even noticed the articles section of :beers:

considering that most of the articles focus on the nailhead and suspension, i probably just skipped over it before.

i based my guess on the oft repeated reputation of 'durability' that the nailhead has ... and i didn't think that an engine that was dropping cam lobes on a regular basis could be considered 'durable'.

so this is yet another buick first, eh?
The steel cam was used in early nailheads until 1956. In 1957 they went to cast iron and larger journals.