Exhaust heat riser delete / gaskets for 1966 skylark (401 cu)


Hey fellow Buick fans, I just ripped out the loud aftermarket exhaust on the Skylark and am almost done replacing with a stock Gardner exhaust kit. What I found was the heat riser on the passenger side was missing and it is making the otherwise perfect Gardner kit just short od fitting correctly. Does anyone know where I can get a delete part since I’m running an electric choke? Also, does this mean I need a gasket on the riser side and the driver (non riser) side between the exhaust pip and the exhaust manifold?

There is no gasket on the left side pipe as the pipe fits into a "ball & socket" type of fit.
On the passenger, right side, just get a used heat riser valve & gut it & plug the holes on the end.
Originally it was a metal-metal fit, no gasket required.
Meaning both surfaces needed to be true & flat.
This would mean almost as new.
Being we are dealing with some 50+ yr. old parts, unless you take things apart & have them re-surfaced, they will NOT be flat as new.
In this case go to an exhaust shop & pick up a metal gasket with the old heat riser as a model/template.

Mopar comes to mind as they used metal gaskets.

Tom T.
Great, thank you for the note Tom. Now if I could only locate an old riser. Seems like they are non-existant on ebay, summit, CARS, etc.