Electric fuel pump


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Considering replacing piston pump with electric pump any thoughts 66 skylark 340


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Did you ever end up doing that? I'm looking at adding an electric auxiliary pump just for startup and wondered what product you chose. I love car repair, hate shopping.


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I havent performed install. Whichever you decide the fuel pressure can not be higher than specified or carburetor will flood. If u wanted only to start, i think you meant to prime the fuel line and fill carburetor bowls. Only need this if your vehicle has not started in more than several days. The switch from mechanical to electric pump usually installs a plate on cover to plug mechanical pump location.

If u go electrical pump it reduces load on camshaft lobe driving mechanical pump. Adds load to charging/battery.
Electric fuel pumps are good at pushing fuel, not so good at drawing fuel. They work best in tank, or with a sumped tank with the pump mounted so that it can be gravity fed. Really no advantage over a good mechanical pump in a mostly street driven car.

I use a CV products mechanical pump in my mid 11 second GS.