Been busy with my '51 Roady!

Riviera Dude

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Holy crap its been a few months since I have been on here! I've been really busy with the '51 Roady custom lately. Currently have the reared from the '74 Riviera mounted in place of the old torque tube rearend. Next weekend I am working on the front clip, also from the '74. No, its not a professional shop build, but I am happy with how its coming along. I bought the complete 1951 Roadmaster Riviera for $300, paid $400 for the 1974 Riviera (also complete car), and only when I got the motor/drivetrain home to my shop did I find out the 455 had been freshly rebuilt! Add some towing costs, parts, and paint, and I probably have less than $1,000 into it so far! Heres some pics...