Auto shifter linkages

Hi All,
Would anyone know if the shifter linkages are the same 68 Wildcat to 68 Riviera? I have the shifter and console already. Installed them today . here's a pic of the linkages I need and 1 pic of the Custom Sport swap in progress.


Here are the exploded parts views with part nos for the Wildcat and Riviera. Only some hardware and fittings swap over.

A '65-67 Wildcat donor car would be the best match.


Thanks for the illustration Todd. The linkages aren't even close. I had hoped they would be the same. The endless search continues. I do plan to do a light restomod on the car, but would hate to resort to a B+M or Hurst shifter, not to mention the degree of difficulty involved keeping the console as the stock shifter assy also mounted the console to the floor.