Am I going blind?

I can't seem to find a link to edit my posts once I've posted'em. Given my lack of skill at typing & computers, this's likely to become a problem sooner or later. Would one of you be kind enough to advise me?
Interesting. There's a quite obvious link in the post I just posted, but not in my older posts. I'll go look again.
Looked it over again. OK, it only appears to be a problem with posts older than a given date. Likely a victim of the new set-up.
sorry, i don't think i'm going to be much help here. i can edit all posts, but that's because i have Mod Rights. so my board experience isn't going to be very helpful in this case.

hopefully Bob has the board set up so once you've got a certain number of posts / account age you'll keep your edit rights on all of your old posts. but there are some boards which lock all posts against editing after certain age. i'm not sure which protocol he's using.
Until now, "new users" have only had editing privileges for 2 hours, they are now 24 hours. Registered users now have one week.