63 electra suspension

Some parts are depending on models and match desired. The components such as springs and shocks can vary with specifications like 2dr/4dr etc.
The Hollander interchange shows '63 lower as 1359496-9 R&L except Special.
It shows 1396204-5 for '62&63 upper except Riviera
'63 Riviera Upper is shown as specific to the '63 Riviera 1396206-7 and it doesn't suggest an interchange. This only means that there is a difference the arms, to what degree is unknown. Extremely minor differences are usually mentioned. Tom could still be correct, you would have to sit them down and find the differences.
More than likely the difference in uppers is due to '63 & early '64 Is that later has rubber bushings as to early has trunnions (a big nut) screwed into the uppers on both ends. I have swapped early & late. I like the earlier ones because with them there is NO DEFLECTION.
The sway bars are the same for the most part. Back in late '69-early '70, with help, I designed a rear sway bar for my '64 Riv. One of my customers ordered one a couple years ago & when I went to install it was TOTALLY WRONG. I took the bar off my Riv. & sent it to be copied last year. The catalog still hasn't been changed as of yet so the ONLY way you can get one is through myself as well as the front bar.
Good quality ball joints are readily available which I can ALSO get for you. IF your price shopping DON'T get the kits that include all nec. parts as they will mostly be Chinese JUNK that will wear out faster than the ones that are in there now. How many times are you willing to take the time & $$$ to change them again in a few years???
I ALSO carry the modified strut rod/brake reaction rod bushings & the rear track bar/panhard rod bushings both in Poly.
I ALSO have in stock fast ratio steering boxes that are 2.5 turns lock-lock (instead of 4 turns lane-lane) along with new rag joints of the PROPER size for our BIG cars. Makes your car feel like it has rack & pinion steering to bring the car up to more modern standards. ALSO the proper revised alignment specs for our BIG cars for MUCH IMPROVED steering responce/tracking.
When it comes time for shocks you can get your regulat Monroe's or Gabriels, BUT after a short period of time you will be back looking for replacements again. I have GOOD shocks available that WON'T wear out in short order, BUT of course they are more costly.
How much $$$ are you willing to spend PLUS the time to do it ALL OVER AGAIN????

Tom T.
Tried a website a few times & after being hacked a few times & wasting a good part of my day with price shoppers I gave up.
Send me a PM & I would be happy to go over it with you.
You could also go to the ROA (not free, BUT you could do a search) or V8buick (which is free) websites where my products are discussed quite a bit along with users testimonials.
OR you could give me a call. My number is below. IF I'm not at home I do have caller ID & ALL my calls are screened. Just state the reason for the call & I will call you ASAP.

Tom T.