455 to 350 swap


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Hello , maybe this should be in the 350 forum, I can post there also. Any way the 455 in my 53 Buick needs to be replaced, I dont want to go LS. I have a 71 Buick 350 that ran a few years ago, whats different,? Trans will bolt up , motor mounts, exhaust, upper, lower radiator hoses? I do have a 70 455 but it has sat for 20 years, i need to see if its locked up and I have never heard it run. But I could use all the new stuff off my old 455, carb,alt ,water pump, fuel pump. Thanks for any info. ps the old 455 is a 1974


Only difference is you'll need different motor mounts. May need to change exhaust down pipes
Everything weeks bolts up.