1970 Skylark Rear End


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I'm finally getting around to doing thee rear suspension on my car, I've noticed for a while that's it's of center.

It's 1" over to far to the drivers side so the gap between the fender wells is different on both sides.

I doesn't look like the rear end has have been messed with or taken out of the car. All the brackets and everything look to be in the correct places and nothing looks bent or broken.

The only thing I can think of is that the trailing arms and the bushings are worn out.

Anyone got any opinions or suggestions before I start messing with it?

Thanks Josh

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The bushings are a good fix if that is the problem. Rear ends are not always perfectly aligned, but 1" is a bit much. You might like to check the frame for being square. Drop a few plum marks on some concrete and measure the diagonals.