1966 Wildcat 2 door Sport Coupe

Chuck all "Factory Trained Technicians" are hacks. If they were worth a damn they'd have their own business. I had the maintenance program with my last truck. Brought it in for service and they told me the truck needed the transmission cooling lines replaced. Ok fine I could see they were wet from sweating and just a matter of time until they drip. Make the appointment and bring the truck back. They give me a loaner because it's going to take a while.

Get the truck back look it over seems fine with new parts. Go home have dinner and take the truck to pick something up 40 mile round trip. Get off the highway stop at the light then go and the truck is surging and hanging in low gear. Bring up the transmission temperature indicator in the dash menu and see it's reading at 225°! Barely make it back home and park the truck. Check the fluid the next day and it's black and cooked smelling. Bring it back to the dealer and have them look at it. The dealerships "best man" their #1 tech left one of the plastic plugs in the lines that keep moisture out during shipping!!! The fluid couldn't cool and in under 50 miles completely fried the transmission. I ended up with a crappy soccer mom loaner crossover for a month and a week while the dealership went through whatever their protocol was to get the transmission replaced undoubtedly with lies and probably blaming me. Made them eat the warranty deductible and give me back the deductible for the cooling lines. If you ask them they're all experts though. I'm sure car dealers will all end up where the lawyers will be in the final end.
My wife bought a new 2008 Ford Escape 4x4. Seemed like a great deal, end of year sale. We took it for a trip to Medicine Hat and pulled into a Liquor Store to pick up something for my sister-in-law. The car was on a slight down incline and when we went to leave, it wouldn't back up. Put it back into park, reverse, try again. Nothing. rev it up more and more transmission starts smoking, backs up slowly. Put it into drive, drives fine. Pull up in front of Jill's house, try reverse, seems fine. I drove it home and the next day, went to the ford dealer and explained what happened. they looked at it for 10 minutes and said they cannot find anything wrong. I insisted that there was a problem, they disagree. I told them that if they didn't fix it now, when it failed again, they were going to not be able to fix it! Funny look from them, sorry, there is no problem. Okay, drive home. A week later, my wife calls me and tells me she is stuck on the side of the road. I drove there, traded vehicles and forced it to drive the 1/3 mile to the dealer. When they pulled the pan, parts fell out. I said "I told you so." They brought up a Ford Rep from the states and had to replace the transmission. I told them a repaired transmission in a new car would be unacceptable. I looked at the mechanic and told him "I don't lie, I don't exaggerate. Next time believe me when I tell you something is wrong."
I just got my car back from Bob. The gauges look great. Bob used copper instead of plastic for the oil pressure. Just to be safe, copper will stand up better. As soon as I got it home I put in the new tach. It all looks great. All gauges are back-lit and adjust with the dash lights.😄 .I had to go to Canadian Tire to get a large hose clamp. I didn't want to drill into the steering column. 3 different people gave me the thumbs up. That made me feel pretty good. I put braid over the exposed wires to contain and protect them. This tach came with the option of inductive pickup, but I decided to go directly to the negative of the coil. I don't like doing things halfway. The wire to the coil is hidden in the split loom under the hood. I know some people don't like split loom, but I like to protect the wires. I don't hide things, splices are soldered and heat shrink.I love working on the car. While under the dash I found a wire that was splice with one of those clamp-on splices. Removed, soldered and heat shrink on it. I can't do things half-way. It just isn't in my nature.

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To fend off the replies, already got a response on TeamBuick.com, I am not keeping this steering wheel in the car. I am refurbishing the original steering wheel to place back in. I love the original steering wheel but Ray, when he got the car, tried to fix it with epoxy. It looked, well, really ugly. He then replaced it with what you see. I asked him for the original and, while not complete, looks much better. I will post a picture below. Thanks to member TruckMoney on V8Buick.com, I have purchased a 1966 steering wheel from an Electra, or LeSabre. If the electrical parts to make the horn work from that one don't fit, I will refurbish it and put it into the car. But.... original is far better.

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I have been driving the car around Lethbridge for the past couple of days. Nice weather and no snow anywhere. Yeah. I have been getting thumbs up and today, an older gentleman stopped and asked me a number of questions about the car. He said that he loved the look of it and then asked me if I was interested in selling it. I told him no, but thanks you anyway. "Can't hurt to ask." he said. I really do love this car. I wired in a new power point for my GPS since having the gauges installed means if I open the cigarette lighter panel, I can't see the gauges. I don't smoke so... new power point and GPS to tell me how fast I am going. Canada.... KM/H, not MPH.
Ok, new plan. I took the car around to paint shops today. $30,000 to $16,000. Nope, can't do that. In concours condition, the car is only worth $23,000 US and it isn't concours condition. But, my brother-in-law Gordon has taken autobody and painting and is certified in it. Presently out of work, I texted him and offered him $1000 to help me do the motor and paint in his garage. Ray has the compressor and automotive paint gun. I would do the work stripping and masking, remove chrome... We will have to see what he says. Fingers crossed. I priced out the paint. Primer, paint (2 gallons blue, 1 gallon white) and 1 gallon clearcoat. $860 US ($1100 Canadian). Well worth the money. We are going up in May so, the weather is warm then. Reality kicks me in the butt again. Also, I was driving my F150 today (should have kept driving my Buick) and the radio let out a click, then wouldn't do anything. Frozen screen. No radio, cd, Aux, Bluetooth, anything. I turned the truck off and on again (Old computer trick) and lo and behold, radio works. Weird, eh?
I have seen big show winning paint jobs come out of un equipped garages by non-professional enthusiasts, so with you brother's help, don't underestimate what the results can be.
Another thing to keep in mind when you want to critic the work, is, you probably want to drive the car. You will be much happier to drive a car that you and your brother painted, and may be able to do paint repairs on.
Thanks Bob. This is what I was thinking too. Gord and Ray (Brother-In-Laws) are great people. I have been privileged to be part of the family for 35 years now and still appreciate them. Of course, I still think that I married the best Jarvis, but I may be prejudiced (a little anyway 😏)
I started to put in the steering wheel. Went to Canadian Tire and purchased a steering wheel puller. Started removing the GT steering wheel and, wouldn't you know it, didn't have a bolt the right size. Okay, two small pry screwdrivers does the trick. Now, start to install the steering wheel. Looks great compared to the GT. Start to assemble the horn, constant horn sound. Hmm.... Go back, look at the picture. Missing a spring and an insulator plate. Make myself an insulator plate out of plastic. Go back out and install it again. Now, no horn at all. At this point called in for supper. Sitting at my computer, I have an Epiphany..... insulator plate is too wide. It is doing it's job too well. I will try tomorrow. The next day I get up..... 5 cm (2 inches) of snow and -11 C (+12 F) today. Well, tomorrow is another day. The high will be +6 C (43 F). I can wait. I disconnected the negative post, just in case yesterday. Don't want to wake up the neighbours with obnoxious horn sounds in the night.
I put on the steering wheel.... yesterday and today. I worked on getting the horn to work properly. It would seem to work properly, but you tap the steering wheel and it would go off, or push the horn bar and it would go off and not stop. I was missing the insulator plate, so I made one out of plastic. It was a bit of a frustrating time. Right now, I put it together without the horn working. Another day... another challenge.
Best deal in town! Just bought a "kit" of this from Paint for cars. com The gallon of basecoat and upgraded clear coat with the reducers and hardeners was 330.00 including shipping (in the U.S.) Ad a basic gallon of 2x (primer with a hardener) and youll have it covered... no pun intended. These were great guys to deal with. You can buy a color chart for 4.95 with free shipping. I was getting local quotes for about 1000.00; NO WAY!

Do it yourself. Its a bunch of work, but painting (at least me!) gives instant gratification! I'm now into about it about 10 days (Im retired) prepping for just the primer, maybe this Sunday. Heres my project and a sample of the lace job I am contemplating. Bill



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My whole family is playing the Beethoven bit. Theyre all DECOMPOSING. I always have fun with my Buicks! I didnt realize youre just down the road from Fort McMoney!