1963 skylark shocks


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Hello all,

Just would like to share with you that I have done swapping ls1 into my lark successfully 😁


< for some reason could not upload latest pics/vids with the engine in and running!

Anyways, couple hundreds left and the car needs new shocks specifically the rear one as I have changed it with aftermarket yet it was longer, length wise, and did not stay last!

Any suggestions?.

Looks like a nice rust-free car.

For the rear shock ACDelco shows their no 520-182 fits your car


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Thanks for your reply.

Nope it's not for skylark 63 as ends of 63 model shocks are ring shape.

Can someone advise please???.
The parts suppliers really fall down on the job when searching for this one. The Gabriel website also shows a shock with an upper stud mount like ACDelco does. Delco should have perfect information since they made the originals.

The Buick Master Chassis Parts Book from '72 shows the shock is a GM part no 3197638. The similar Oldsmobile parts book of '72 shows this same number for '63 F-85 wagon, convertible, and Jetfire.

Www.fusickautomotiveproducts.com shows to have a shock for the '61-63 Olds F-85, their no 50171G. It has the ring mounting on each end like the Skylark. They don't list anything under '63 Skylark however.

To save money, a guy on an Olds forum last year reported success adapting a Gabriel shock for his '63 Cutlass. He used the Gabriel 81514 which has a crossbar in the upper mounting ring. He cut off the cross bar and removed it. Then he installed the sleeve from the original shock into the rubber insulator.

The 81514 and some similar units pop up when searching in Gabriel for '63 Olds F-85 (but not for '63 Cutlass!). Going back into ACDelco searching under '63 compact Olds, several similar shocks with double ring mountings appear.
I have N.O.S. shocks for absolutely everything ----- no modification, or cutting & grinding, etc.....
Rather than "futz" around doing that,

Always best to simply call ---- Craig -- 516 - 485 - 1935.... New York...