1955 dynaflow is leaking

Patrick David

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I have a leak at the end of the trans. Just behind the torque ball retainer I see the oil spreading out on the underside of the car.
Any ideas and how to solve it?

Another thought seriously if it is leaking out the end of the transmission it could also run down the torque tube and into the differential and contaminate your differential oil (grease.) You might consider checking the level of your differential oil, if it is over full you have a bigger problem. Drain it out. I drilled an 1/8 hole in the bottom of my torque tube near where the torque tube attaches to the differential. Any transmission oil now runs out there and not into my differential.

Patrick David

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After removing the rear axle, I could take a better look at the torque ball assembly.
No sign of any seal and a crack in the bronze bushing.
No wonder it was leaking.


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Buick 1950 roadmaster is leaking bad front of transmission anyone have a idea why ? Im trying to post a video of the leak .