1070 Skylark front coil spring loacation


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Hi all. I am installing new springs in my 1970 skylark. page 30-4 figure 30-2 of the manual says that the bottom end of the coil spring needs to be located within .25" of the front of the slot in the bottom control arm without completely covering the slot. I have seen a very informative video on youtube (see cartapes rebuilding the front suspension on GM a body cars). the video indicates a depression within the spring seat of the lower control arm and states that the coil end on the bottom of the coil needs to be in this area of the spring seat. It mentions nothing about the slot in the spring seat. I try to always follow the manual, but the spring does seem to seat better when I locate the coil end within the depression indicated by the video. does anyone have experience with this install? Thanks, Joe
I don't know! I didn't read the manual when I installed my springs, so I had no problems:)

Your question interested me, so I had a look at a wreck. The spring fits beyond the hole as I think it should. I suspect the hole is to help drain out contaminants that will cause squish problems as the spring compresses.

When I read the manual I interpreted the instructions the same way you did, but after seeing an installation, I would say that what is meant is the contact point or the spring when laid down in the groove should be about 1/4" from the slot. I would put the spring in where it lays comfortably in the depression, not too close to the end where the end of the spring may ride up on the end of the depression and cause wear.