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    people who vandalize your Buicks

    don't you just love them? the pricks who F---over your car in some way, you'll know you will always find. (I do at least). I'll be that juvenille-crap makes them feel really great. a--holes. or the vultures who wait to pick at your things things mean nothing. the work you put into them does...
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    Electrical "resistance"

    In my '76 455 Riv, its 10SI alternator was putting out a decent amount of voltage at idle, and the battery kept its charge. There NEVER was a short. and a totally new hi-po HEI system and wiring was done, which both worked great. Now, the NEW optima goes dead in a few days, and there's...
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    original looks; high-end sound

    The McIntosh MX5000 looks like my old Sonomatic AM radio from my '63 Riviera, and the only deck I know that cosmetically integrates very well with older Buicks.
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    Overheating SOLVED!!!!

    People who posted here were right. I used the stock HD cooling fan with a thermo/torque fan clutch. My Zirgo EXPENSIVE $120 16" electric 3000cfm fan's motor burned up, and seized, destroying the 70amp relay. Where I live, the management does not allow me to work on my cars ( I do anyway...
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    Removing TVS or overheating water-temp switch

    This is part of my cooling system thread--but I'm on THE last part (and don't the simplest things turn out to be the most frustrating?): I needed the bass fitting that converts a 1/2" NPT threads to 3/8" thread on water-temp switch, so I can control my electric fan(s) automatically. Now, it's...
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    overheating problems

    please see thread below. I have got to get this fixed, and I've replaced all the parts. the only possible problem left is air entering the cooling system. With a bad head gasket, you can get oil in the cooling system, but it is also possible to get air in the system (exhaust stroke). and...
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    Electric fan

    Okay, after buying this '73 Riv GS last year--it has been almost a perfect runner/performer. the last owner put too much money into it ($1500 all stain-less steel dual exhaust system--that looks like a work of art, and sounds even better, a new 134a A/C system, a new vinyl roof, an Alpine...
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    Vintage Sound for old cars

    How can one not forget tube amps? Well you can get them for youyr car (a solid/state /hybrid form). BK Butler started making them. Then Paze Audio , Then PPI, and now BK Butler is back at it with their "Blue" TubeDrivers" This is going in my '73 Boattail:
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    PCV grommet for '63 401--duplicate

    Sorry for the duplicate post--I can't see how to delete it. After being stored in the CA Desert hear for 3 years, the PCV grommet disintegrated in my '63 Riv. When I got the new grommet at the auto parts store, it does fit the hole in my '63's 401 valve cover, but the inner diameter is too...
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    A/C problems

    In my '73 Riviera GS, the previous owner had the A/C system entirely replaced with a retro-fitter 134a system. When I had last used it, it blowed ice-cold air (on max-cool)> Now it just blows ambient-temp air. I tried charging it to the proper psi (45psi max). When I did, flowing the...
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    PCV grommet

    On my '63 401, I notice the grommet had disintegrated. I bought a replacement ,which fits, but the inner diameter is too small for the PCV valve. I seem to remember using some AMC grommet before. Anyone have any ideas?
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    SEAFOAM anybody tried it?

    It''s funny when I read "sefoam" in this title because that word became part of my dad's regularly used vernacular when anything Buick-related was talked about. The very first car memory I have was my Dad's seafoam green '65 Buick Electra 225 4-dr. I'm not sure about the age (maybe between...
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    new AMPs!!!

    I 'm changing some of my amps that have served me well, but can be improved upon. I'm replacing all my Buicks' systems' stereo with Tube driver amps.KI will be keeping the JL Audio 500/1 Class D fr the subs and some very old Soundstream Reference Class A 6.0 and 10.0 amp that are very musical...
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    Keeping the "factory" look

    Okay,I've heard many of you express interest in adding iPodthrough FM RF modulators or adding those crappy made-to-look-old AM/FM stereo tape or CD. Well for you people ( and me),here is a great product established in hi-fi community for decades.It looks almost exactly like my '63's...
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    want to keep yoiur dash stock?

    Here's a quality Zapco volume control item. I'm mentioned this before to people who afraid of altering...