Overheating SOLVED!!!!


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People who posted here were right. I used the stock HD cooling fan with a thermo/torque fan clutch.

My Zirgo EXPENSIVE $120 16" electric 3000cfm fan's motor burned up, and seized, destroying the 70amp relay.

Where I live, the management does not allow me to work on my cars ( I do anyway; there's this one officious Pri__ that is so fastidious about enforcing minor rules, when there are larger 'rules' governing this poorly built place). I have special rules--just for me.

"if we let you work on your car, then everyone else will."

WHAT???? There is not ONE soul in my loft building who ever even opens their hoods of their cars--much less performing work on their cars.

When I work on one of 5 cars, I always get these weird questions like, "How did you ever learn how to that?"

I always say, "How did you learn how to breathe or ride a bike?" You just do it, and learn from your mistakes.

And besides, all these people have cars that are new to me (1985 or newer), which don't need much maintenance.

It isn't rocket science working on my cars.

And the satisfaction gained from fixing a problem myself, when a "pro" mechanic has no clue what to do, is a great feeling.

Working on my cars is one of my best way of dealing with stress. I'm in my favorite world, and really enjoy it. cars are not just possessions, they are projects and labors of love.Most people don't understand that.

That's why I'm getting outta here, and looking for a house.

I do have to admit I love doing my oil changes here at 3AM, or pulling the transmission pan and changing the filter every three months ( for oil/oil filter ); 6 months for transmission fluid.

But I thank all of you who did suggest using the stock parts.

My electronic ignition system is still better than most people here believe. I do use 0.065" gap plugs because I have an 8.5 ign module and NOS Jacobs Variable magnetic core UltraCoil and an ACCEL 71105 e billet distributor.

It feels so great using this car again:laugh_4:
Overheating SOLVED!!!!


That's why I'm getting outta here, and looking for a house.

good on ya. but be careful about homeowners associations and draconic county land use restrictions. a lot of places are getting downright fascistic about how much they feel like they can restrict property owners.


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Joy of Driving my Buick!

I'll tell ya-- there is not much better than driving a car you really like; and having work as it should.

my '73 GS Boattail is probably my favorite all-around car to drive. It just feels right. Like clothes that fit you.

Before I was driving this awful Lexus LS400. It may be "firm", but I never feel right driving it.

The '78 Toro and Boattail ride more smoothly over this cobblestone road outside where I live than that car.

And I do feel so stupid buying all those electric fans.

The shroud and stock fan clutch and HD fan made a HUGE difference. I can drive in traffic and the upper radiator hose may just feel somewhat warm (I have a 180 thermostat; I think 190 is stock, which might be better for faster warm-up now that it's cooling off outdoors)

I may use the two big ones from a '90's Impala SS LT-1/Roadmaster Wagon as auxiliary cooling devices (maybe for the Toro for an THM-425 transmission cooler)

But the simple pleasures in my life are getting something to work as it should and enjoying it. No one--except my Dad--ever understood that or why I would need 5 cars. When the rest of my family saw the '76 Riviera (immaculate beyond belief!), everyone hated it; my Dad loved it, and saw what an incredibly original/clean car it was.

My Dad still lives on--in my working on cars, having a problem with them, and just enjoying driving them.

I know he's looking after me.