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Buick 430

General Blueprinting Specifications for the 1968 400/430 and 1970 Buick 455 Cubic Inch Engines. The following information has been directly complied from original Buick service manuals for the respective year of vehicle manufacture.

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Use a reliable torque wrench to obtain the figures listed below. This will prevent straining or distorting the parts as well as preventing thread damage. These specifications are for clean and lightly lubricated threads only. Dry or dirty threads produce friction which prevents accurate measurement of the actual torque. It is important that these specifications be strictly observed. Overtightening can damage threads. This will prevent attainment of the proper torque and will require replacement of the damaged part.

AreaLb. Ft.
Spark Plugs15
Crankshaft Bearing Caps to Cylinder Block110
Connecting Rods45
Cylinder Head to Cylinder Block100
Harmonic Balancer to Crankshaft200 Minimum
Fan Driving Pulley to Harmonic Balancer23
Flywheel to Crankshaft (Auto. & Manual)60
Oil Pan Baffle to Cylinder Block455-13, 400/430-8
Oil Pan to Cylinder Block14
Oil Pan Drain Plug30
Oil Pump Cover to Timing Chain Cover10
Oil Pump Pressure Regulator Retainer455-35, 400/430-25
Oil Pick-Up Tube & Screen Housing Assembly to Oil Pump8
Oil Gallery Plugs25
Oil Pressure Switch to Cylinder Block455-23, 400/430-25
Oil Filter to Cylinder Block455-13, 400/430-12
Timing Chain Cover to Block455-29, 400/430-30
Water Pump Cover to Timing Chain Cover455-7, 400/430-8
Fan Driven Pulley20
Thermostat Housing to Intake Manifold20
Automatic Choke Cover to Intake Manifold8
Intake Manifold to Cylinder Head455-55, 400/430-50
Exhaust Manifold to Cylinder Head18
Carburetor to Intake Manifold455-13, 400/430-12
Fuel Pump to Cylinder Block20
Motor Mount to Cylinder Block455-63, 400/430-70
Fuel Pump Eccentric and Timing Chain Sprocket to Camshaft22
Rocker Arm Cover to Cylinder Head4
Rocker Arm Shaft to Cylinder Head455-25, 400/430-30
Delcotron Bracket to Cylinder Head35
Delcotron Adjusting Mounting Bracket to Cylinder Head455-35, 400/430-22
Delcotron Mounting Bracket Thru Delcotron to Cylinder Head at Pivot Location35
Starting Motor to Block35
Starting Motor Brace to Block11
Starting Motor Brace to Starter11
Distributor Hold-Down Clamp455-13, 400/430-12
Flywheel Housing to Cylinder Block35
Automatic Lower Flywheel Housing Plate4


  400-4430-4455-4455-4, Stage I455-4
Code Number Prefix PRPDSRSSSF
Export Code Number PrefixN/APEN/AN/AN/A
Engine Type
90 V-8
Bore and Stroke 4.040 x 3.9004.1875 x 3.9004.3125 x 3.9004.3125 x 3.9004.3125 x 3.900
Piston Displacement 400 cu. in.430 cu. in.455 cu. in.455 cu. in.455 cu. in.
Carburetor Type
4 BBL.
Compression Ratio 10.25:110.25:110.0:110.50:110.0:1
Gasoline Requirements
Brake Horsepower @ RPM 340@5000360@5000350@4600360@4600370@4600
Maximum Torque RPM 440@3200475@3200510@2600510@2600510@2800
Taxable Horsepower 51.9156.159.559.559.5
Octane Requirements - Motor
Octane Requirements - Research
Cylinder Numbers - Front to Rear - Left Bank
Cylinder Numbers - Front to Rear - Right Bank
Firing Order

Piston and Pin Specifications
Piston MaterialCast Aluminum Alloy
TypeDivorced Skirt
FinishCam Ground
Piston Pins 
     MaterialExtruded SAE-1018
     TypePressed in Rod

Connecting Rods
Material400/430 Forged - SAE-1141 Steel, 455 SAE-1053
Rod BearingRemovable Steel Backed M/400
Rod Length6.607
Rod Width.928

Ring Specifications
#1 CompressionCast Iron Molybdenum Coated
#2 CompressionCast Iron-Lubrited
Oil ControlSAE-1070 Steel-Chrome Plated
Oil Ring ExpanderAbutment Type
Ring LocationsAbove Pin

Crankshaft Specifications
Deck Height10.57
MaterialNodular Iron
Bearing MaterialSteel Backed M/400 Aluminum - #5 Durex M/100A
Bearing Taking End Thrust#3

Camshaft Specifications
MaterialCast Alloy Iron
BearingsSteel Backed Babbitt
Number of Bearings5
Number of Links48
Crankshaft SprocketSintered Iron
Camshaft SprocketNylon Coated Aluminum

Valve Specifications
Intake Valve MaterialAluminized Face and Chrome Flash Stem SAE 1041 Steel
Exhaust Valve MaterialAluminized Face and Chrome Flash Stem GN-N82152 (21-4N)
Valve Lifter MechanismHydraulic
Valve SpringSingle Helical

Lubrication System Specifications
Type of Lubrication  
     Main BearingsPressure
     Connecting RodsPressure
     Piston PinsSplash
     Camshaft BearingPressure
     Timing ChainDrip from Front Cam Bearing
     Cylinder WallsSplash & Nozzle
Oil Pump TypeGear Driven
Normal Oil Pressure40 Ibs. @ 2400 RPM
Oil Pressure Sending UnitElectrical
Oil IntakeStationary
Oil Filter SystemFull Flow
Filler TypeThrow-Away Element & Can
Crankcase Capacity  
     Less Filter4 qts.
     With Filter5 qts.

Cooling System Specifications
System TypePressure
Radiator Cap Relief Pressure15 psi
ThermostatChoke Type Opening at 190
Water Pump TypeCentrifugal
     GPM @ RPM15 @ 1000
     BearingsDouble Row
By-Pass Recirculation TypeInternal
Cooling System Capacities 
With Heater400-16.2 qts., 430-16.7 qts., 455-19.7 qts.
With Air Conditioning400-16.7 qts, 430-17.0 qts., 455-20.0 qts.
Fan Diameter and Number of Blades 
GS400 Less AC
Wildcat Less AC
Electra Less AC
GS400 With AC
GS455 With AC
Riviera Less AC
Wildcat With AC
Electra With AC
Riviera With AC
Fan Drive 
     Less ACWater Pump Shaft
     With AC400/430 Thermostatic Controlled Clutch
455 Torque and Temperature Sensitive Clutch

Engine Dimentions and Fits
Piston Clearance Limits*
 400 Cu. In.430 Cu. In.455 Cu. In.
Top Land.034-.042.0343-.0423.0343-.0423
Skirt - Top.0007-.0013.0007-.0013.0007-.0013
Skirt - Bottom.0017-.0033.0017-.0033.0017-.0033
Ring Groove
     #1 - Compression Ring.2090-.2165.2090-.2165.2090-.2165
     #2 - Compression Ring.2115-.2190.2115-.2190.2115-.2190
     #3 - Oil Ring.1815-.1890.1815-.1890.1815-.1890
Ring Width
     #1 - Compression Ring.077-.078.077-.078.077-.078
     #2 - Compression Ring.077-.078.077-.078.077-.078
     #3 - Oil Ring.023-.025.023-.025.023-.025
Ring Gap
     #1 - Compression Ring.013-.023.013-.023.013-.023
     #2 - Compression Ring.013-.023.013-.023.013-.023
     #3 - Oil Ring.015-.055.015-.055.015-.055
Piston Pin Length3.5203.5203.520
Diameter of Pin.9994-.9997.9994-.9997.9994-.9997
     In Piston.0001-.0004.0001-.0004.0001-.0004
     In Rod.00075-.00125
Direction & Amount Offset in Piston
.060 Offset
Major Thrust
.060 Offset
Major Thrust
.060 Offset
Major Thrust
*A11 Measurements in Inches Unless Otherwise Specified.

Connecting Rod Specifications
 400 Cu. In.430 Cu. In.455 Cu. In.
Bearing Length
Bearing Clearance (Limits)
End Play-Total for Both Rods

Crankshaft Specifications 400/430/455
End Play at Thrust Bearing.003-.009
Main Bearing Journal Diameter3.25
Crankpin Journal Diameter2.249-2.250
Main Bearing Overall Length
Main Bearing to Journal Clearance.0007-.001
Bearing Journal Diameter

Valve System Specifications
Rocker Arm Ratio400/430 - 1.54 to 1
455 - 1.59 to 1
Rocker Arm Clearance on Shaft.0015-.0030
Valve Lifter Diameter.8427-.8422
Valve Lifter Clearance in Crankcase.0008-.0023
Valve Lifter Leakdown Rate12 to 60 Sec. in Test Fixture
Intake Valve
     Head Diameter2.000
     Seat Angle45
     Stem Diameter.3725.0005-Max. Allowable Taper to be .0003 with Smallest Dia. @ Valve Head End
     Clearance in Guide.0015-.0035 & .0003 Max. Taper
     Valve Spring
     Valve Closed - Pounds @ Length725@1.890
     Valve Open - Pounds Length1777@1.450
Exhaust Valve
     Head Diameter1.625
     Seat Angle45
     Stem Diameter400/430, .3723 Min, and .3730 Max
     Clearance in Guide.0015-.0032 & .0002 Max. Taper
Valve Spring (Inner)
     Valve Closed - Pounds Length725@1.890
     Valve Open - Pounds @ Length1777@1.450


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