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Thread: air cleaner

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    buickwyrm Guest


    I have another silly question. On my stock 71 455 Electra, there is a peice of metal that is from the exhaust to a collector like thing. There is a section of flexable "duct" from the collector to the snorkel. On the snorkel is a thing that I have figured out to be air cleaner auto vac motor. Is this all needed? I know its on their for a reason but what? I would like to put a new cooler air cleaner assembly on it.

    All input is like all ways appercated.

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    You can remove all that if you wish. The purpose is to mix air from the exhaust and other air to a temprature of 140 degrees. Your carberator is jetted to mix air fuel correctly at this temprature for best milage. The vacuum pot is to change this to coldest air possible when higher preformance is required. It also eliminated any carb ice problems which can possibly be encountered with unmixed air.

    When upgrading an air intake for performance, you can't beat outside air.

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    buickwyrm Guest


    That is what I had figured, but wanted to hear it first. So in doing this I would have to limit my driving, in the Montana winters? Would thier a noticeble enough change in preformance to justify? And lastly what do I do with the collector like assembly?

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    That warm air does help to heat the engine up faster, since it is drawing air over the exhaust manifold.

    I would leave that in place over the winter, especially since winter air is so cold and full of oxygen...

    -Bob Cunningham

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