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WTB B-C Body Factory Disc Brake Set Up 67-70


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WTB B-C Body Factory Disc Brake Set Up 67-70 - WTB B-C Body Factory Disc Brake Set Up 67-70

Hello all in Buick land,
I'm looking for a complete factory disc brake set up for 67 thru 70 full size B and C bodies. Prefer 69 and 70 items. If you have or know of one available please contact me here.
I'm not worried about the condition of the master cyl, calipers, hold off valve or rotors those would be replaced. What I really need most are the spindles and power booster. None of the aftermarket kits available look even close to factory and the car is so original I really want to keep...
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'67-'69 are one set-up 1970 is by itself. '67-'69 rotors are hard to find & 1970 are one year only & even more difficult to find. '67-'69 will have to have the calipers sleeved at about $100.00 a sleeve times 8 as you will NOT be able to find good used. IMPOSSIBLE!!! Same with spindles. Disc brakes were a rare option back then making the possibility of used parts very SLIM.
Although I do have these parts they are not for sale at any price as I may need them for my cars.


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Thanks Tom. I guess the only viable solution would be an aftermarket kit that retains the original drum spindles and adds caliper brackets that use modern calipers such as Scarebird, Classic Disc Brakes, P-S-T ect.