Window & rear bumper spacer/guard/filler


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Good afternoon.
I'm trying to restore my gmas 76 Skylark. I have a full complete 78 Skykark for part exchange. What is the piece called that is between the bumper and rear of car(under the license plate)? Sorry, I'm learning.
Also, how hard is it to take out the drivers side quarter stationary window. It's a 2 door coupe.
Thanks in advance for your time. I'm working diligently to get this profess back up and running. Been a 6 yr long project. But now that I have the car to exchange parts with, I'm anxious & ready. 😀👍✌
It is the rear bumper filler-center, GM part no 1247063 (see attachment). One supplier is

Also examples come up on eBay.

Is your Skylark the hatchback coupe or the coupe with a trunk lid? Does it have the formal Landau vinyl roof with small quarter window? Hope you saw my replies from Monday to the other post about Trunk lock removal 76 Skylark.



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Hello. Thanks so much for responding. Yes, I did see your other response. Thanks so much. My Skylark is the hard top and no hatchback.