Window channel felt tracks


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Does anyone have a good method to make the sharp bends in the window channel felt tracks ? I tried bending the straight/bulk felt channel around the radius on the window and the cloth wants to bunch up and the metal wants to push outward or inward.
Also I was thinking of using urethane to glue them in place ? Sure would be nice if a vender would sell these prebent with clips on them like the originals !
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Another idea for the window tracks

I had a similar problem with a 1960 Oldsmobile. I went to "National Fabric" in Kansas City, KS to get replacement channels but, they didn't have the exact same size that I needed. The counter man then suggested what he had seen done before by other guys who had the same problem. He had in stock - lengths of what I would call "Industrial Strength Velcro". The idea is to use the "LOOP" part of the Velcro and glue that into the inner thee sides of the steel window channel. The glass would then roll up and down inside the Velcro. This Velcro was not like the type you would buy at Walmart or some other retail store - the "loops" are very big and when you mock up an assembly of steel window channel, Velcro and glass - you will see that the Velcro cushions the glass nicely. The cost of the Velcro is very reasonable. I can not vouch for the longevity of this arrangement but, if replacement channels aren't made anymore then what else is there to do??? Hope this helps!!! BluesBrothersBuicks


window channel felt tracks

You may try to cut a relief where it comes around the bend,Something like a v.That should give that extra material somewhere to go.Just an thought, I work in metal fab and that is how we would bend metal.Basicly same thing as the material or shall I say extra material has to go somewhere,There for with a relief it should go there.Try a sample piece first,Good luck