Wheel Tire Fitment 66 Special

It may not be fun to seat, but I expect it will mount.

This chart shows it as the smallest that should be mounted on an eight inch rim:

Johnnys 66

Sorry Bob, didn't make myself clear on this one.
The tires are mounted but not sure if there is clearance for the wheel/tire on my 66 Special.
Don't want to buy them and then find they won't fit the car.
I run a 235 on a 15X7, and they kind of fit, I had to roll the inside lip of the fender.
I expect they will not fit. They probably have 1/2" more backspacing which will mean they come out another 1/2" than the ones I am running if they were mounted with the same tires. Those are mounted with 215 which will narrow them. The only way to be sure is to try bolting them on.
Here is an old article which shows my mounting and clearance problem: http://buicks.net/shop/reference/wheel_well_mod.html

Johnnys 66

Waiting to find out the back spacing on the wheels from the guy before I pull the trigger.
I have about 2" of space between the sidewall and wheel well lip with my stock wheels and 205 70 14 tires that are on it now.
I could go ahead and get them and resell them if they don't clear. It's a good set of BFG TA's tires on aluminum 5 slots with center caps and lug nuts and they aren't unilugs!
I know I eventually could get my money back but 14 inch tires and wheels are slow to sell any more.