Visor brackets

Have a 1965 Electra custom Conv. First the body tag is missing. (vin is good). Anyone know how to get it replaced. Second thing, trying to find the correct sun visor mounts. Been told they changed mid stream 65. Cannot tell if mine is an early or late. The ones on ebay look correct but do not quite fit. the ones from a 64 arent even close to fitting.
We are fortunate on this site to have a library that is priceless for all of the information you can find there. Also, there are articles that are as much of value.
There are several outfits that will reproduce body tags, here's a good looking one, CLICK HERE

Maybe you could upload a couple of images regarding your Visor mounts to help explain. I have a couple of '66 Electras, though even if the visor mounts are what you want, they are not real nice.
Looked on the body tag site. I only see where they do the GS etc. Not full size. Then they ask for info from a body tag which I do not have. Not a big deal. Be nice to have one tho. My sunvisor mounts are just pitted. (not real bad). The ones I got from a supplier look correct but the underside will not fir correctly. Was hoping they work. Hydro electric says no one makes them, All catalogues say 65 - 70.
It looked like they did GMs , did you contact them?
Maybe try taking your sun visor mounts to a chrome shop.