Trying to locate moulding clips for '51 Special side spear trim

'51 Special

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I have to replace the side spear pieces behind the gravel shields as both are in tough shape. Problem is I found far more body holes to fill than usable clips. The clips slide into the edges of the trim, are rectangular, 1 and 5/8 inches long, 7/8 inch wide, have a spring from one side that presses against the middle inside of the trim, and have a slot down the middle about 3/16 by 15/16 to allow upward and downward movement of a 3/4 inch long screw with a square head to lock it from turning while a nut is tightened inside of the fender. I have checked all of my usual parts sources for moulding clips and none offer anything like these clips. Of course, mine are rusty, and half were missing when I removed the trim.
Any one have any information as to what these clips are called, or where they can be found? (I checked the last ten years of this part of the forum and found squat.) If anyone knows where to find them, or what would be a usable substitute, I would be grateful for the information.
The molding uses 5 clips no 4602341 along the length and 1 clip no 4574742 at the rear tip. See attached page from the parts catalogue.

Could not find anything so far on the 4602341. The 4574742 was also used on some '50 Oldsmobiles, '53-54 Chevys, and '53-55 Corvettes. There are some up for sale in eBay in packs of 6. This site also shows to have 10 in stock:

You may have already tried them, but this site carries a lot of fasteners and might come up with a match from a picture or sample of the old parts:


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'51 Special

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Thanks Todd. I called Mike at, had a helpful conversation, and learned he has many unidentified trim clips that are not shown on his website. I sent him detailed descriptions and pictures of two different versions of the 4602341 clip, one off of my car, and another off of a California car. While different, both versions have the same dimensions where it matters. I hope he can find something.

I had previously looked at the restoration specialties site, but couldn't find anything that looked right. One problem is the lack of dimensions associated with a picture. Some clips may look like a possibility, but I can't tell if they are .5 inches or 2.5 inches long. I'll go back and recheck now that I have one of the California versions to look for.