Transmission linkage, floor shift 2-speed auto, 1967 skylark

In restoring my convertible, the linkage from the floor shifter to transmission got lost. Ugh. It’s a 1967 skylark, 340 engine, super turbine 2-speed automatic, floor shifter . Thank you for any assistance. Joel
Hi again. I‘ve attached a photo of the page you kindly suggested. Circled in red is the needed linkage, mainly the long rod and the attachment piece on the far left. Thanks again, Bob! Joel FD735B18-576A-4588-9AFB-91FD813F6412.jpeg
I don't know if this will be of any more assistance for you, but I am attaching link to the the ST 300 Parts Section and the Parts Illustration similar to above but with part numbers . This will get you to the part numbers you need but of course they are decades obsolete. Best of luck to you.



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Thank you, RJ. It appears the one part i cannot tread on the diagram I posted is the rod I circled. Any idea what that’s called? Again, thank you. Joel