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I have an otherwise nice, workable radio in my '65 Buick Electra. However, the front (dash) speaker is shot. Does anyone know where I might find another one,or how I might have it repaired or reconed? Does anyone have a speaker for that kind of car they'd be willing to sell/trade? Any help is appreciated. Thanks!
You have a 4"x10"/10 ohm speaker. You MUST use a 10 ohm speaker or else you will destroy the output amp for the radio. 10 ohm speakers are available from GM. The wiring for the speaker would need to be changed to accept the wiring from the original radio. I could perform this service if you send me the old speaker so I can swap the connections. You could have yours re-coned but it will cost more than a new speaker.
10 ohm speakers

I have used 8 ohm speakers purchased from Radio Shack with a 2 ohm reristor in series and they work perfectly.


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63 electra sport coupe

Mine were tattered on my 63!!!! i found that pioneer makes a 4x 10 pair for around 90 bucks. the magnet is larger than the stock speaker so my cover on dash sticks up about quarter inch. which sucks but oh well. However i didnt hook it up to my stock stereo, so i dont know if that will bust the amp in stereo. You could put a cd player in your glove box so as not to drill holes anywhere on dash and then use the pioneers ( they line up perfectly with the existing mounting holes from stock speakers)