Soundproofing my '66 Skylark


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I've used Dynamat (and equivalents) on other cars in the past, and it always made a noticeable difference in cutting down road noise.

Has anyone done theirs? Can I get to the exterior surface inside the doors? Kick panels? Under the carpet on the floorboards? Under the rear seat bottom?

If you've done it, how many square feet did it take, and was it worth the effort? A friend says "that's what the radio is for" but I'd like to hear the radio a little better, and road nose is too loud.

Any help appreciated,

Yes you can get to the inner surface of the metal outer door skins by removing the inner door panels and vapor barrier
You will have to work around the glass channels; put the windows all the way up

And most importantly; CLEAN the substrate and degrease/brake clean until you see clean metal. Good adhesion is paramount.