Sirius vs XM Radio

OK, I have had Sirius for a while now, and I like it well enough. But as I consider renewal, I wonder what XM would be like.

Is it better? Has anyone had both, which one did you like more.

My tastes are for Country and Old Rock, 60's and 70's.

One thing I reallylike about Sirius, is that it is piped into your computer free with a subscription. If XM offered that, I could see what it sounded like myself...


I have the XM and am very happy with it. Yes it can be piped into the computer, I use that a lot. Just plug in my headphones and work away. XM also covers Nascar if you are interested. You mentioned you liked the oldies well they have a real good set up on that. Just my opinion, but I'm staying with XM.



Yes, you are right xm has nascar now but it will go to sirrius in 2007. Thanks