Schocks rear of 1954.


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Hello everybody.I am tired of my kneeleddampers in rear of my Lady.When i drive to a pothole the car is going to the right,stearing at left and my wife ask me if i am Drunk.No alcohol but the car like a BMW whit to fat wheels.My answer to you are.In winter i will put new schocks,telescopic at rear.Anywone ho have pics of doing that?Stubbe in Sweden.


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Hej Stubbe..,
Take a search in the AACA Forum for post war Buicks ,technical..
Look at 55 special shock absorber source.
There are some good ideas,Pics for the swap to Tele Shocks.
Hope you in Sweden can open the AACA., for me in Germany
the US- Server is complete blocked since one year..
Good luck.


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Fill the shocks with hydraulic jack oil. You might have to do it a few times to get oil down into the cylinders. If leaking badly but functioning well with a full load of fluid, just reseal: LINK
Functioning lever shocks are better than any tube shock.
Replace the panhard bar bushings to keep the rear from steering the car.