Retainer clips 1956 Buick Roadmaster


Trying to find a source for the retaining clips for the inside door and window handles.
Everyone says the stock GM clips will work ...they do not.
These are a finer wire clip than most as they need to be completely in the groove,
otherwise the spring loaded back plate will not fit.

Any suggestions????
I live in British Columbia, Canada and all this needs to come from the USA.
The clips are around 10 cents each but the shipping cost for 20 is approx. $20 USD.
Buick was using both types of the common GM clips in 1956. Series 50 and 70 cars used the 4090144, the earlier design from '39. Series 40 and 60 cars used the 4168122, a design beginning in '49.

The 4090144 was used on '39-48 Chevrolet closed cars and shows availability here:

The 4090144 appeared occasionally on GM cars until the early '60s. Part was discontinued around 1982.

Others are probably recommending you use the 4168122 which continues on some trucks and vans to the present.
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Thanks. I ordered both types from chevsoftheforties. Got a note this morning telling me the
order is now reached customs, so I should receive them this week.
I ordered both sets hoping one of them will work.


Just got the clips. The 4090144 are a shade small. Could force them on but they are still too
thick of wire. The ones for the 54-57 are might work. They snap in place but the wire is shade
too thick. They need to sink into a groove which allows the one piece spring/washer to fit over the clip
and butt up to the handle.