renewing and deleting “wanted parts”

68 wildcat

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I’m having difficulties renewing a “wanted “ad that expired Aug 6 and deleting an ad for interior parts. Do I have to repost the ad’s?

Thanks, Gary
I am not sure about the renewal, I will have to look into that, but the delete is in the "options menu".
It look like:
The menu comes down when you click on the dots with the down arrow.

68 wildcat

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Bob, I have tried everything I can to delete my ad to no avail. if I hit the buttons you pointed out, there is no delete button.
I can use the edit button to erase my message, but it just reappears as before every time. Would it be so difficult to make the classified section more intuitive? Perhaps a stand alone delete button.

68 wildcat

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Also, in the want ads, there is no option that I can find to list parts as wanted. The sold button doesn’t work unless you list a buyer for the part. All and all, much too frustrating to use. Please delete anything associated with “68 Wildcat”
Ok, I see. As a Member, you are allowed to "Close own listing", you can also "Mark own listing as Sold".
This is considered all that is needed. The listing will then run out and disappears when it is not renewed.

I think the best place to "Modify or Edit" the ad is in the "Classifieds" not the "Buying and Selling" Forum, although it can be done there too.
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I have a preliminary description of how the classifieds work:

It will change. The reason you couldn't delete your ad was that newly registered couldn't. I have changed that. You should have been able to now as you have moved into the "Member" usergroup.