Problem with 1967 GS400 Soft trim info

Max D


New here, and I could not find a link to e-mail the admin.

I recently discovered an error on the team Buick site.

the link:

contains info about the 1967 GS400 (as well as all other Buick models). The code 193 in 1967 actually should decode as Yellow. This is established by both Buick internal production docs as well as the assembly manual.

This link incorrectly identifies it as "Saddle".

It is an interesting problem. The references I used called it saddle and there is some controversy over it, but it seems quite likely you are right. Most of the pictures I have found look more like a pale yellow, but I have a perfect dash pad that looks a lot more saddle or buckskin!
I can confirm this ,my 67GS 400 build date 11A November 1966 has trim code 193 which is pearl yellow, this is available from legendary interiors with the exception of the headliner, sheet vinyl for recovering dash pad ,armrests etc is available also in all colours