Now What?

Now that Joe is a site supporter, he can make announcements:
Joe's Automatic Transmissions has taken on a new supplier and can now offer even better deals on building your dynaflow!

Joe could offer specials:
Switch Pitch Converters are 10% off until the end of the month for Team Buick Members!

Bob would be happy to put a lined image of a logo in Joe's signature so that when he has the opportunity to participate on the forums, he would get additional free advertising. In this case, Joe could volunteer to be a moderator in the transmission forum and get notified whenever there is a posting he may be able to help with.

Joe could write short articles or offer tips in his forum to attract guests.
joe's automatic transmission, do you provide service of rebabbit bushing in dual path transmission on 63 skylark?
i'm thinking Bob is just trying out a new sponsorship idea? "233" is not a valid area code, but it is the prefix code for ex-US calls being made to Ghana.
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