need some knowlage about my 67 skylark


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i bought a 67 skylark with a straight body and all numbers matching what is this worth i only paid 1500 how much should i put in it.its a 300-2 sport coupe is it fast its my first old car and i think its beautiful but my friends rag on me i wanna know the cold truth should i keep it.will it be worth somthing with the 300 cause i dont wanna different motor since the numbers match.sorry so long please help
a 2v motor is never going to be a "performance model", sorry. and pretty much only performance Buick's have collector value. for 67 that would be either a 4v 340ci or the 400ci GS.

you can get a 4v intake and carb from the 1964 ( aluminum ) or 1965 ( cast iron ) 300's. you can't use the intake manifold off of a 340 or 350, those engines have a taller deck and the intake would be far too wide.

if you decide to go with a motor upgrade, you've got a bunch of options. Buick 350 or Buick 231v6 turbo would be near drop in replacements. you could put in a 455 with new frame pads/engine mounts and fan shroud, very easy.

if the car is in good shape, $1500 is a decent price. and the 1967 sheet metal has some very clean lines IIRC.


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67 Buick

You can also bolt in an olds 350, you may have to make some exhaust mods, and wiring considerations, but it fits.
keep your old motor. cuz an original numbers matching car is still worth more than a car that's been molested.