Missing Summer


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:shifter: The Nova is ready the 51 is so clean I can't find a dirty spot.
Its winter and cold. I would love to be driving something other than the Truck in the snow.
Whats it like now in the places with no snow? Do ya work on it store it or just look at it in the sun....
Are there places to meet:confused:
Let everyone in the snow know what we are missing:thumbsup:
I can't tell you what it's like with no snow. I can tell you we opened a keg in the shop last weekend and about half way through I fired up the GS400, engaged the line lock and smoked everyone out of the shop!

Stirrrr Crazzy....:coo:


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I can smell the smoke burning my eyes!!
Do you run forged pistons. Mine slap around alot when its cold like this. It does sound ready. No Keg though... Can't wait till May..:beers:
No, it has low comp. cast. I am building a OE, maybe 10.25:1 430 for it this spring, cast again. I have decided that I will only build a 455 from now on!