idle load compensator

1976 Electra 225

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I have one of these mounted on the left front of the Q-jet on the 307 in my 84 Le Sabre. I assume it's function is to keep the curb idle speed up when the a/c is on. is this correct? since I'm going to be removing the a/c components soon, can I go ahead remove this piece?? there are no electrical connections going to it, just 1 vacuum hose.

another question: once that thing is removed, can I adjust the curb idle speed the regular way, with the idle speed screw? reason I ask is, on the emission label it says "idle speeds are electronically controlled"

exactly how are they electronically controlled?? it has an idle speed screw, just like every other Q jet has. I would appreciate any info :thumbsup:

below is a pic of what I'm talking about removing:
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