Hi everyone - glad to be here -


Hello! New member here, I have a 58 Special Coupe that I want to get running and toy around with. It has a lot of patina and is not ever going to be a show car, but I want it to be a cool looking car that I can putter around with. My plan is to get it running, drive it around as I work on it, and eventually have the interior redone new so it's comfortable but still has that preserved old patina look to it. The thing I like most about it, besides all the chrome, is that these are so rare - I hardly ever see one, especially not any coupes. Always admired the tri-five Chevy's, the 58 Chevy for what it is, as well as the 59 and 60 Chevy's, but they're way outside my budget. Buick being GM though allows me to get my hands on a 58 that isn't over-priced and at the same time is unique. I never see them around, two or four door. Looking forward to diving in and getting this thing going.IMG_4622.JPG