Hello from Oregon


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Hello to all Buick lovers.
I learned to drive on my mom's 66 Buick Rivera back in about 72-73. Damn that thing really would do 145mph... lol What a dumb kid!
I have always loved Buicks since then. My ex had 72 skylark when we were dating. It was a base model and was soon gone.
I don't had a Buick right now, but have 2 GMCs, does that count? They are sold at GMC - Buick Dealerships!
I am currently looking for a nice 70 GS 455 convertible. My soon retirement reward to enjoy with my wife. Not looking for a trailer queen but something nice.

Paul... AKA Fat Rusty (After my Fat Cat)
GMC's powered by Buicks, sounds GREAT!! :)
Good luck with finding a suitable car quickly, at least right now you have the off season to search.