Floding problem with a #307 V8 5.0L Old's engine ,or just swipe?



I have an '85 Riv and the previous owner just let the car to go down.I rebuilt the carburator but the floding did not stop.If the car is cold,there is extra gas in the engine.I changed all the environmental tubes on the intake manifold also.I really hate that manifold with all those rubber tubes to get burned on the top of the engine.I would love to get a different manifold or just get a whole different engine.Do any of those GM crate engines fit in this model or not?And how? GM is really stingy with information about this, the dealers whom I called so far had no clue.Please someone give me a hand, which way should I go with this.Thank you very much.Tibor
If the engine is flooding still after a carb rebuild, then I would have to say that there is something still wrong with the carb. I have read about cases where after time the throttle plate(bottom plate) and air horn (top piece) will warp away from the main body of the carb allowing fuel to leak into the manifold.
How is the engine idle? Does it seem like its idling too high? If so, then when you shut it off it will still suck air and fuel into the motor after the ignition is shut off. If this is the problem then you should look at the choke rod adjustment on your carb.

Also, don't worry about all those rubber vacuum hoses and such burning, they're fine as long as they're not closer than an inch to any exhaust part.

Hope this helps