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still doing some homework and i could use some help. is there a difference in the dynaflows from different years. is there a better one to use. i am thinking of purchasing a 51 super which has a dynaflow. is there a later transmission that can be put in the car that would be better without changing the torque tube setup and still bolt to the straight 8

Straight Eight

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There sure is, the 1953 Special with DynaFlow, it makes the earlier cars tire screamers!
I haven't done it myself, but this is from reliable sources. Not sure if the 51 must be a Special or not.
The '55 & up are the ones to use as they came with the "Switch-Pitch" converter. Makes a BIG diff. in the way the car accelerates in both drive & low. Many parts need to be swapped around, but IT IS possible. You need to find someone with DynaFlow experience. They are really SIMPLE transmissions just totally, in most cases, mis-understood.

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