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62 skylark. I’ve had the transmission rebuilt. Taking back 4 times Every time I get the car back it’s worse. It will only goin reverse occasionally and the biggest issue is it won’t shift into 2nd. The transmission shop is giving up. I can’t find anyone locally that has a clue about these transmissions.
The transmission shop is willing to put a different tranny in it, just curious if there are adapter for the bell housing available
I am probably wrong, but, at least with the early dynaflows I believe the transmission does not shift from low to second. Those are just two ranges...??? each haveing a single speed or drive ratio. The driver chooses which to operate the car in and changes from one to the other manually. The ability to develop power is done by the torque converter.

Apparently the best people to talk to about 215 transmission adapters is D&D Fabrications, click here.
It is a "Dual Path" as mentioned. It is NOT a "DynaFlow" as per the casting into the rear of the case.
I'm sure once the trans. shop figured out what they had they went to the appropriate repair manual.
They are a 2 speed trans. with a low & a high gear & will shift from low to high at he proper forward speed.
Sounds to me like a valve body problem.

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