Calling all late sixties' Buick sixes


Hello. I understand that Buick used some Chevy straight six engines in the mid to late '60s. Can anyone give me details? I expect the 250 was used in '68 or '69. Did Buick use a 230 in the mid sixties??? I have seen A/C engine brackets from a '69 Skylark and they looked just like those on the Chevy sixes.

I'm looking for parts from a Buick 6 cyl. engine that came with P/S and A/C (pulleys, etc.), so any help you can offer about using this site and understanding Buick engines and applications will be GREATLY appreciated.

Thanks --

my 67 special has the 225 v6, I beleave from 68 forward to about 74 they used the chevy straight six, then returned to the 231 v6 again